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25.12.07 10:24
Chinese shipyard put into operation lengthened dry-cargo vessel of "Pavlin Vinogradov" type to the Northern Sea Shipping company with DW of 9250 t

On December, 21, 2007 at "Chengxi" Shipyard re-equipped dry-cargo vessel "Inzhener Plavinskiy" of "Pavlin Vinogradov" type was launched.
OJSC "Northern Sea Shipping Company" is the ship-owner.
She is the first vessel of a series that was re-equipped according to the DCV22 project.
Re-equipment project DCV22 is designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB).
General director Viktor Izbitskiy set MEB the task to increase vessels of "Pavlin Vinogradov" type transportability owing to dimensional re-equipment of the hull.
The project base is idea of lengthening for one hold (up to 5 holds) owing to mounting cylindrical insert 24.5 m long and usage high (2.4 m taking into consideration existing coamings) continuous longitudinal hatch coamings that allow to increase standard of general strength of vessel's hull, cargo holds' capacity, tonnage due to essential increase of section's height.
In accordance with International LL Convention requirement to the vessel of B-60 type lengthened vessel's draught (summer freeboard) is of 7.0 m equal to vessel's draught before lengthening.
Designed vessel's deadweight with summer freeboard draught due to the re-equipment was increased for 31% up to 9250 tons. Total capacity of the cargo holds is of 14180 tons (increases for 41%). At the same time much more of timber will be transported inside protected hold's space.
Mountable cylindrical insert was made at the shipyard.
The vessels was cut in the area of fr. 83 (fore from stern transverse coamings of hold No.3) and new block 24.5 m long was mounted (existing hold No.4 became hold No.5).
Then mounting of new longitudinal cargo hatch coamings of holds Nos.2-5 was carried out. Height of the existing coamings was increased for 1.3 m up to total height of 2.4 m.
Total ballast tank capacity after re-equipment is of 2962 m³.
Totally 625 tons of hull's constructions were mounted (including cylindrical insert), and also hatch covers of the new formed hold.
Rational usage of newly constructions (high coamings) allowed to avoid necessity of mounting the reinforcement for existing constructions in order to provide general longitudinal strength of the lengthened vessel.
Hatch covers are of "Mc. Gregor" type. Existing hatch covers together with hydraulic cylinders and gadgets were mounted on new coamings.
Hatch cover of newly-mounted hold was carried out in the same way as hatch covers of holds Nos.3,4.
Newly-mounted hold is served by cargo crane (cargo lifting capacity is of 8 tons, boom is of 25 m) of firm "SORMEC" production (Italy).
Superintendent Lev Nikulin carried out the supervision from OJSC "North Maritime Shipping Company".
After re-equipment vessel is single-deck, single-screw one with 5 cargo holds, with double bottom and double sides, with lengthened forecastle and poop, with engine room and accommodation located aft.
Characteristics after re-equipment are of:
Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) class notation is of KM L1 A2 (supervision from Register side was carried out by specialists of Murmansk branch of RS);
overall length is of 156.10 m;
breadth is of 19.30 m;
depth is of 8.80 m;
deadweight is of 9250 tons with draught of 7.00 m;
five holds with summarized capacity of 14180 m³;
container capacity is of 403 TEU;
cruising speed is of 13 kn. with main engine capacity of 4690 kWt;
autonomy depending on water-supply is of 40 days;
cruising range depending on fuel-supply is of 6500 nm.
Dry-cargo vessel is assigned for transportation of general, bulk, timber, grain and large-sized cargoes and containers, dangerous goods.
"Chengxi" shipyard (located on Yantszi river) has experience of vessels' lengthening ,e.g. earlier at the shipyard vessels of "Dmitriy Donskoy" type were lengthened (OJSC "Murmansk Maritime Shipping Company").
To decrease re-equipment terms newly-mounted cylindrical insert was carried out before vessel's arrival to the shipyard.
It supposed to put "Engineer Plavinskiy" into operation on December, 30, 2007.