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20.10.07 11:04
"Lenaneft" type tankers re-equipment according to the 003RST06 project

At present time re-equipment of P77 prj. tankers according to the Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB) technical project 003RST06 is being carried out at Zhatayskiy shipyard and at Podtesovskoy repair-operational base.
Working projects were carried out by specialists of OJSC "Lenskoe Ob'edinyennoe Rechnoe Parokhodstvo" and OJSC "Eniseyskoe Rechnoe Parokhodstvo" designing bureau.
Re-equipment of tanker "Vasiliy Surikov" (OJSC "ERP") was completed this summer, re-equipment of tankers "Lenaneft-2004" (OJSC "LORP") and "Victor Astaf'ev" (OJSC "ERP") is in final stage.
Most part of tankers with deadweight less than 5000 tons is being managed by Russian ship-owners, either they don't have double bottom or they have double bottom height less than value required by Rule 13F of Annex I of MARPOL.
They belong to the following projects (vessels were built at Russian and Bulgarian shipyards): prjs. 550, 550A, 558, 1577, 630 of "Volgoneft" type; prjs. P77, 621,621.1, 621.2 of "Lenaneft" type; 610, 588 prjs. bunker vessels of "Oleg Koshevoy" type (prj. 1677M), "Nefterudovoz" type (prj. 1570) etc.
Among RRR supervised vessels there were no MARPOL tankers till this re-equipment, among vessels of RS IIISP class only 2 from 27 (7%) will satisfy the international requirements in 2008, RS IISP class: 19 from 86 vessels (22%); RS II: 12 from 41 vessels (29%); RS I: 16 from 57 vessels (28%).
003RST06 prj. is the first project of "Lenaneft" type (P77 prj.) vessels' modernization in order to bring the vessels in correspondence with ecological requirements of up-to-date RRR Rules.
Project foresees the vessels' hull renovation up to U2 level in accordance with Guidance P002-2002 "Vessels' renovation of inland and river-sea going sailing regions" of RRR (2002), developed under Nikolay Efremov supervision (general director of RRR).
Project of re-equipment and renovation was carried out by OJSC "Lenskoe Ob'edinyennoe Rechnoe Parokhodstvo" request (Vladimir Alipa is a technical director).
After re-equipment and renovation vessels will fully correspond M-SP 3.5 (ice 30)A class -(OJSC "LORP") or M-SP 2.5 (ice 30)A class - (OJSC "ERP") and will be assigned for transportation up to 3 sorts of oil products with flash point 60°C and lower.
Main purposes of re-equipment were:
- to build up previous absent double bottom in order to bring the vessel in correspondence with the requirements of normative documents of ecological safety.
- to increase the cargo carrying capacity (from 2150 to 2803 tons);
- to increase the shipload (from 3222 m³ to 3859 m³);
- to eliminate ballast deep-tank in order to rationalize cargo space usage;
- to increase the range of cargo transported simultaneously (from 1 sort to 3);
- to improve loading-discharging conditions, scraping and cleaning (double bottom mounting, i.e. making smooth-wall cargo tanks).
Main hull "problem" of P77 prj. was absence of double bottom.
In order to minimize costs during re-equipment and to reach necessary cargo carrying capacity it was decided to mount double bottom of envelope type construction that allowed to avoid big amount of reinforcing stiffening and to simplify production technology that is very important for hard conditions of Siberia.
In order to compensate cargo tanks' capacity lose a trunk was mounted. It was made by rising of existing deck in cargo tank zone up to 1.36 m. Altogether 80 tons of constructions were demounted and reinstalled and 140 tons of new hull elements were made.
Main characteristics of the vessel after re-equipment:
Overall length is of 108.5 m;
Effective length is of 105.0 m;
Breadth is of 14.84 m;
Depth is of 4.40 m;
Draught (summer freeboard) is of 3.09 m;
Deadweight with draught of 3.09 is about 2970 tons;
Cargo tanks capacity is of 3860 m³;
Cargo tanks number is of 10;
Main engines capacity is of 2x515 kW;
Crew consists of 11 persons.
Cargo-pumping system is equipped by 4 cargo pumps (2x148 m³ph and 2x54 m³ph). They provide quick discharge and high-quality scraping of cargo holds.
Vessels of M-SP 3.5 (ice 30)A class re-equipped with necessary firefighting systems including aerosol system at engine room, diesel generator room and pumping room.
Vessels power plant includes 2 diesel generators with capacity 2x100 kw. It was re-equipped with necessary quantity of storage batteries that provides vessels work in emergency mode.
Navigation equipment satisfy the requirements of RRR Rule to the vessels with gross tonnage less than 3000, and radio equipment allow to operate the vessels in the inland waterways and in the sea A3 regions.
As a collective salvage unit boat of 01612T prj. is mounted on vessels of M-SP 3.5 (ice 30)A class. Lifeboat is of tanker type and is of free falling type.
It is supposed that all remained tankers of Lenaneft type at OJSC "LORP" and OJSC "ERP" will be renovated with increasing of hull life term by 10 years.