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24.01.19 16:54
Tersan Shipyard laid keel of big ST-192 refrigerating trawler

On 18.01.2019 Tersan Shipyard Inc. (Yalova, Turkey) laid section of big ST-192 refrigerating trawler (building No. 1090).
Main aim of the vessel is catching pelagic and near-bottom pelagic type fish, also manufactory of frozen production during the voyage; with full cycle of take processing onboard vessel directly.
The main types of catching fish: Alaska Pollack, Herring, Mackerel.
The main types of production: decapitate and drawn fish, filleted fish, Alaska Pollack caviar (frozen), surimi, also fishmeal and fish oil.
Production storage is provided in the main refrigerating hold (capacity 4250 m³) after processing and freezing. Fishmeal and other frozen production are stored in 2 holds (capacity 400 and 600 m³). Also 300 m³ hold is foreseen for storage of carrying carton, fish meal and other production.
Storage of fish oil is provided by 2 tanks of 100 m³ summarized capacity made from food stainless steel.
The vessel is equipped for work with single trawl.
The vessel's general particulars are as follows:
Length overall is about 108.2 m.
Breadth is 21.0 m.
Depth up to main deck is 8.35 m.
Depth up to trawl deck is 11.55 m.
Maximal aft draught is 8.92 m.
Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping class notation is KM IA Super (hull) Ice 3 (power) AUT 1 REF BWM (T) Fishing vessel.
The keel of the head (for Tersane Shipyard) ST-192 vessel (building No. 1090) was laid 18.01.2019.