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04.01.19 11:38
Interview of head of Volga Shipping Company Alexander Shishkin to about not only RSD44

Let's show the full text of interview from site
Volga Shipping Company (included in the UCL Holding) has reported this year, that it enhances its last year indexes fo 21%! It equals to 7.8 million tons of transported cargo in absolute measuring.
Journalists form put some questions to the managing director of JSE Volga Shipping Company Alexander Shishkin. Share received answers to the readers.
- Alexander Alekseevich, cargo navigation of Volga Shipping Company was by 21% efficiently that for previous one. How could you reach such results?
- In our work we achieve positive dynamics due to competent management and professionalism of our collectives. 2018 navigation for Volga Shipping Company began for a month earlier traditional terms; RSD44 vessels have begun transportations in Southern basin on March, 2. 183 units of fleet have been prepared for work, including 5 additional vessels included into fleet for grain transportation.
Growth of volume of transportations was influenced by changing of their directions connected to change of market condition. Grain transportations have justified itself; a plenty of our vessels has participated. But there was delay of sulfur delivery at the beginning of navigation due to not our reasons. As a result of sulfur shipment failure, company had to relocate fleet to North-Western Basin, with corresponding increase in transportations of other cargoes, in particular crushed stone. Also, company's fleet transported fertilizers, salt and other cargoes.
- What opportunities it gives to the company? Will appear new funds for fleet modernization, etc.?
- Good results of work allow our company to feel like confidently in the transportations market, to provide worthy wages and social guarantees to our experts, to support vessels in a good technical condition and to plan fleet renewing.
- Are you going to fix such result in the future navigation? And what steps are necessary?
- Well-being of shipping company depends on us, from our attitude to business. It is necessary to solve many problems, in particular due to fleet renewing and involvement of young competent experts.
On the river all business is based on that shipper will be able take large contracts; fine results cannot be achieved by transportations of rare small parties.
Shipping company with big fleet at a good technical condition and with professional crews does not remain without earnings. This one of competitive advantages of the Volga Shipping Company.