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01.01.19 00:20
Marine Engineering Bureau: 2018 overall results - 22 new vessels

During 2018 22 new vessels of 137 thousand tons summarized deadweight were constructed and put into operation due to Marine Engineering Bureau projects.
TWO the most powerful (from ones put into operation) IBSV01 diesel 22 MW ice-breakers of Icebreaker 8 class "Alexander Sannikov" and "Andrey Vilkitskiy".
Vessel's concept project is made by Aker Arctic Technology, technical project is made by Marine Engineering Bureau. Working-design documentation is performed by Petrobalt Design Bureau.
Vyborg Shipyard is a builder (director Alexander Solovyov).
SIX the biggest (by displacement) dry-cargo "super-full" river-sea RSD59 vessels of "Volgo-Don Max" class.
On 15.10.2018 Krasnoe Sormovo Shipyard located in Nizhny Novgorod (director Mikhail Pershin) put into operation the fifth at this shipyard multipurpose RSD59 dry cargo vessel "Pola Fiva" with increased marine deadweight of 8144 t (building No. 06005).
On 18.12.2018, Nevskiy Shipyard (general director Evgeniy Kuznetsov) put into operation the lead for this shipyard multipurpose RSD59 dry cargo vessel "Pola Anatolia" with deadweight of 7678 t (building No. 591).
The customer is PJSE "State Leasing Transport Company", the lessee is the shipping company "Pola Rise".
Constructed in 2018 six "super-fat" RSD59 multipurpose dry-cargo vessels of "Volgo-Don Max" class has no analogue in the world and are significantly better than all other vessels at the domestic market due to their technical-economic parameters.
Advantages of the RSD59 project in comparison with the best of the previously constructed dry cargo vessels of the Volga-Don Max class of the RSD49 project (by the example of m/v "Pola Fiva" with increased marine function):
• deadweight at draught of 3.60 m is 5320 t (RSD49 has 4507 t), increase is 813 t;
• deadweight at the maximum draught of 4.706 m is 8144 t (RSD49 has 7143 t at maximum draught of 4.70 m ), increase is 1000 t;
• the existence of a long L = 77.35 m hold (RSD49 vessel has L = 52 m cargo hold ) that allows transportation of oversized and heavy cargo; this is relevant for the market of the Caspian region countries;
• the hold's height is increased up to 9000 mm, that is 620 mm bigger than for RSD49 project. Such height allows to load 9'6'' containers ("high cube containers"), 3 ones in single stack;
• movement and controllability are provided by two rudder propeller units (better maneuverability in the narrow waters, more cargo space due to the reduction of size of engine room).
SEVEN the biggest (by displacement) MARPOL non-self-propelled ROB20 tanker barges of "Belmax" class for operation at Belaya River.
On 29.08.2018 Oka Shipyard (general director Vladimir Kulikov, shipyard is a part of UCL holding) has accepted for operation the seventh small-draught "double-hull" non-self-propelled tanker barge "Belmaks 7" of the ROB20 prj. with deadweight of 6000 t of class "O" of the type "Novaya Belskaya" (building number 4107).
Characteristics of the barge, namely 6000 t of cargo (at draught 2.75 m) with light weight of 880 tons provide to announce this project as an unique one.
A series of ten vessels is being built by leasing scheme for the Pola Raise shipping company (St. Petersburg); the customer (lessor) is the State Transport Leasing Company.
These barges are intended for transportation of oil with a flash point of 60 degrees and above; the main cargo is masut through the Belaya River and the Volga River, including reservoirs.
As the tug-pushers are supposed to be the same "Ural" / "Volgar" type ones (at the first stage).
For information, old "Belskaya" type barges of the P-27 prj. with river class "P" in the initial single-hull version at draft of 1.80 m took on board 2960 t of cargo, and at a maximum draft of 2.60 m took onboard 4590 t.
So one may observe an increase in the abilities of new ROB20 barges, both in capacity of transported cargo and in the vessel's class, plus the "double-hull" construction as a basic criterion.
TWO ("classic type" yet) "super-fat" RST27 oil tankers of 7022 t deadweight.
Britain Royal Institution of Naval Architects included RST27 in the list of the best vessels of the year (Significant Ships of 2012 and Significant Ships of 2013).
Beginning from 2012, totally 42!!! this prj. vessels were constructed; this number is absolute record at ouer shipbuilding market in XXI.
Damen Shipyards Yichang (China) is a builder.
TWO "super-fat" RST27M oil/chemical tankers of 7902 t deadweight.
Series are logical continuation of "classic" RST27 tankers.
Vessels were constructed at Krasnoe Sormovo Shipyard located in Nizhny Novgorod (director Mikhail Pershin) for "BF Tanker" shipping Company. The customer is the State Transport Leasing Company.
In comparison with RST27, the chemical tanker of new project RST27M has an increased marine function:
• the deadweight is 7902 t for maximal draught of 4.60 m (RST27 prj. actually has deadweight 7072 t), which is more by 880 t;
• the capacity of cargo tanks is worked out for transportation of oil products of the Caspian region and is increased by constructing higher trunk up to 8970 m³ (RST27 has 8100 m³), i.e. addition is 870 m³;
• three types of cargo (RST27 has two types of cargo).
In 2018 Britain Royal Institution of Naval Architects included RST27M oil/chemical tanker 7900/5360 t marine/river deadweight of "Volgo-Don Max" class (building nO. 2022) in the list of the best 50 vessels of the 2017 (Significant Ships of 2017).
TWO MARPOL ROB07 tanker barges of 4400 t deadweight for providing of "Northern delivery" (Brothers Nobel Shipyard).
On 28.08.2018 the Rybinsk "Brothers Nobel Shipyard" (director Oleg Goncharov) send to the place of registry two "double-hull" ROB07 river-sea tanker barges "MH-4001" and "MH-4002" of 4400 t deadweight (building Nos. 03001 and 03002) for Lena Basin.
Customer is of OJSE "United Lena River Shipping Company" (general director Sergey Larionov).
Multifunctional 3650 kW TG19 escort Arctic tug-boat "Marshall".
HAT-SAN Shipyard (Talova, Turkey) is a builder.
Vessel of TG19 prj. is designed to fulfill the following operations:
• towage of vessels and floating objects in marine conditions;
• performing auxiliary operations in the port water area;
• taking part in oil spill operations as an auxiliary transport craft for delivery of oil spill equipment, and also as a boom boat for the booms placing around the emergency spill area;
• give assistance in fire combating on floating objects and coastal ones accessible from seaside;
• transportation of general cargoes on the deck with loading-unloading by port cranes or vessel's crane;
• escort tug operations.
CV03 port roads transshipment terminal / non-self-propelled crane vessel "Luft 1".
On 19.06.2018 the Besiktas Shipyard (Yalova, Turkey) completed the head CV03 port roads transshipment terminal "Luft 1" (building number 81) with a 35 t crane and a 4600 m³ hold.
The CV03 transshipment terminal is designed to provide port roads reloading of bulk cargoes, primarily ore, with help of the crane from sea-river vessels to marine bulkers. Possibility of cargo accumulation during break between "large" vessels arrival is foreseen (feeder dry cargo vessels arrive more often).
LIEBHERR cargo crane of CBG350 type is installed onboard. The maximum outreach of crane's boom is about 46 m. Crane's lifting capacity is 35 t (at 12-30 m outreach), 30 t (at 30-36 m outreach).
In order to prove operation of the port roads transshipment terminal in the seas, an experimental and numerical estimations were carried out for the wettability of a crane vessel with a cargo hold without hatch cover.
Number of vessels are being constructed due to Marine engineering Bureau projects:
• 12 refrigerating trawlers and crab-fishing vessels;
• 2 cargo-passenger car-railway ferryboats of the CNF11CPD prj. of Arc 5 ice category with dangerous goods transportation ability for Vanino-Kholmsk line;
• 2 cargo-passenger car-railway ferryboats of the CNF18C prj. for the Caspian Sea;
• railway ferryboat of the CNF19M prj. for the Ust-Luga - Baltiysk - Zasnits line of the Baltic Sea of Arc 4 ice category;
• 5 rescue vessels, including multifunctional MPSV12 rescue tug-boats of Arc5 ice category;
• multifunctional 4 MW MPSV07 Arctic rescue vessel of "Spasatel Karev" type of Arc5 ice category;
• 2 cargo-passenger PV22 vessels fo Sakhalin;
• PV300VD cruise river-sea passenger vessel for 310 passengers;
• PV300 cruise river passenger vessel for 342 passengers;
• RST12C "Caspian" oil/chemical tankers that provide effective through-Volgo-Don transit function;
• "super-fat" dry-cargo vessels (dry-cargo variant of RST27 tanker) of RSD59 prj. with unique second 77.35 m cargo hold for overs-sized and heavy-lift cargoes and of RSD79 prj. with classic 4-hold arrangement;
• 2 multifunctional BLV04 buoy vessels of "Victor Kuskov" type intended for RosMorPort;
• HS01 museum vessel for Baku on the basis of old tanker with middle superstructure;
• CV03 port roads transshipment terminal;
• RT37 bunkering tanker/ecological vessel for Baikal;
• RSD49 dry-cargo vessel of "Volgo-Don Max" class;
• RSD32M dry-cargo vessel of "Azov 5000" type;
• RST25 oil/chemical tankers of "Volgo-Don Max" class;
• ROB20 small-draught tanker barges of "Novaya Belskaya" type;
• RDB20 small-draught dry-cargo barges of "Novaya Belskaya" type;
• RSD60 dry-cargo river-sea vessel of BBC Max type;
• "Chelsea" type dry-cargo river-sea vessel of "Volgo-Don Max" class
and some other ones.
Except new vessels, there are also realized projects of modernizations and re-classifications.
In 2018 Bureau continued keeping of science activity. Results of company's works and new developments were presented at more than 20 international conferences through the whole world; Bureau's staff published more than 70 papers.
Besides, significant event was celebration of centennial anniversary of Shipbuilding faculty of Odessa Institute of Marine Engineers (OIIMF).
On 26-27 of November, 2018 International science-technical conference "Century of the highest shipbuilding education in Ukraine" took place in Odessa National Maritime University (ex. Odessa Institute of Marine Engineers, aka Odessa Vodniy). This Conference was carried out within actions due to celebration of centennial anniversary of Shipbuilding faculty.
The anniversary celebration including the Conference was organized by Marine Engineering Bureau together with Risoil Company, Sigo Marine Company and Odessa National Maritime University.
More than 100 specialists from different countries (including Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Azerbaijan, Australia, India, Turkey, Hungary) took part in the conference's workout.