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05.12.18 13:13
Launching solemn ceremony for the lead KMT01 refrigerator trawler "Barents Sea" took part at the Vyborg Shipyard

On 05.12.2018 Vyborg Shipyard (general director Alexander Solovyov) carried out solemn ceremony of Launching for the lead KMT01 refrigerator trawler "Barents Sea" (building No. 935). JSE Arkhangelsk Trawl Fleet is a Customer.
Totally 4 KMT01 trawlers were ordered at the Vyborg Shipyard.
Main aim of the vessel is catching by trawling near-bottom type fish and manufactory of frozen production; with full cycle of take processing onboard vessel directly.
The daily output is: 100 t for freezing production, 60 t for fish meal and fish oil, 5 thousand of conditional tins for cannery, 40 t for fillet fish.
The main types of catching fish: Cod, Dickie (Haddock), Seabass and Catfish.
The main types of production:
• decapitate and drawn fish;
• filleted fish;
• caviar;
• codfish liver;
• fishmeal
• fish oil.
After processing and freezing production storage is provided in the refrigerating hold (capacity about 2500 m³). Fishmeal is stored in separate hold (capacity about 350 m³).
The vessel is equipped for work with single trawl or with two trawls simultaneously.
The vessel's general particulars are as follows:
Length overall is about 86 m.
Breadth is 17.0 m.
Depth up to main deck is 6.75 m.
Depth up to trawl deck is 10.1 m.
Maximal aft draught is 8.7 m.
Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping class notation is - KM Ice3 AUT1 (REF) Fishing Vessel.
Assumed operational area includes Northern Atlantic, Barents Sea, Norwegian Sea, Greenland Sea.
Design speed of 15 kn is provided by single main engine of 6000 kW that works towards variable-pitch propeller in nozzle.
Manoeuvrability (also working with two trawls simultaneously) is provided by single Becker type rudder with flap.
850 kW bow thruster is foreseen for increasing of low speed controllability.
Work of electrical plant is provided by two diesel-generators (900 and 500 kW), and also by 3200 kW shat generator. Besides, 116 kW emergence diesel generator is foreseen.
Vessel's hull and superstructure are steel; the wheelhouse is made of aluminum alloy. In order to provide corrosion protection, cathodic protection of the hull's underwater part is foreseen in addition to painting. Also zinc spraying is foreseen for outer surfaces of constructions exposed to aggressive environment.
Aft crane 6 t capacity (at outreach 15 m) is foreseen for work during fishing. For unloading operations at the port two cranes are foreseen: middle one of 3 t capacity (at outreach 14 m) and fore one of 2.5 t capacity (at outreach 8 m).
Fishing equipment (bottom trawling systems) and anchor-mooring units together with automated control system are supplied by Ibercisa Company.
Equipment of fish-processing plant includes different types of fillet machines of 40 t/day capacity, machines for decapitating and gutting of fish, and equipment for transportation and sorting of fish, fillet fish sorting, storage device for fish, tables for weighting and packing etc., providing output of 100 t fresh-frozen production per day.
There is cannery workshop for production of canned codfish liver and caviar. Also there is fish meal machine of 60 t/day capacity due to fish meal and fish oil.
Accommodation of 49 crewmembers is provided in comfortable single or double cabins; there is mess-room with separate self-service zone, and all necessary medical, sanitary-common and sanitary-hygienic rooms in accordance with requirements of Sanitary Regulations for Fishing Vessels. Additionally, there is sport complex that includes gym and sauna.
Passive roll damping system is foreseen for providing comfortable conditions at non-fully loading conditions. Diesel oil is used as working liquid in the roll damping system.
The vessel is completed by radio and navigation equipment in accordance with vessel's class and accepted navigation area, also by complex of specialized fish-finding sonars.
Keel of the head KMT01 vessel (building No. 935) was laid down on 31.05.2017.
Keel of the second vessel (building No. 936) was laid down on 26.01.2018.
Keel of the third vessel (building No. 937) was laid down on 25.05.2018.