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24.10.18 12:11
At 160th-celebrating of Caspian Shipping Company, about 005RSD03 dry cargo vessels, RST27 and RST12C tankers, CNF18C ferryboats and HS01 vessel-museum

On October, 22, 2018 in Baku the 160th-anniversary of Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company (ACSC), one of the oldest enterprises of the country, have been solemnly celebrated.
As site of ACSC informs, a number of people participated in the celebration in the Heydar Aliev Center: heads of the state structures, heads of the Azerbaijan and foreign enterprises and the companies, art workers and scientists, veterans, cadets and students of the Azerbaijan State Marine Academy.
The congratulatory message of the President Ilham Aliev was read by the President economy assistant Aly Asadov.
Head of ACSC Rauf Veliev at his speech greeted visitors and congratulated all ACSC staff on the anniversary.
He has emphasized, that economic reforms which bases had been set by the great leader of the country Heydar Aliev and has been continued by President Ilham Aliev, brought the big success to the country. Heydar Aliev and Ilham Aliev always cared of development of shipping branch.
Rauf Veliev informed about changes and the reforms occurring in ACSC during last five years.
He told that for last five years ACSC fleet included 20 new vessels. They are of modern types and are intended for cargo transportation and oil-and-gas projects. This amount includes eight 005RSD03 dry-cargo vessels and two RST27 tankers.
The head of ACSC noted this moment there are vessels under construction at the Baku Shipyard: two unique Ro-Pax CNF18C vessels and two RST12C tankers.
In the near time the head RST12C tanker "Lachin" will be launched; contract for construction of 4 more such tankers will be signed. As a whole by 2025 it is planned to buy get and construct more than 50 new vessels.
Rauf Veliev also told about a series of the actions devoted to the 160th-anniversary of shipbuilding. He noted that now in ACSC the project "160 years - 160 apartments" is started. 160 veterans of the shipping company, who still are waiting for apartments since times of the USSR, will be provided with habitation by the end of year. Such activity will be continued in this direction, and number of seamen who will receive new apartments, are going to reach 490 persons in the near time.
Construction of the first Caspian vessel- museum sea comes to the end; HS01 vessel "Surakhany" will be put into operation by the end of year.
The entrance to the vessel-museum will occur at seaside parkway of the Baku. During solemnly opening of the museum there will be one more significant event, namely unveiling of a monument to seamen. The monument also will be located at seaside parkway.
Unique HS01 vessel-museum o is made on the basis of three-island tanker; within her tanks, superstructures and deck houses there are organized the expositions concerning history of Caspian navigation, a history of Caspian oil recovery; history of ports, ship-repair and ship-building yards of Baku; the past, the present and the future of marine Azerbaijan.
The head of ACSC Rauf Veliev also told about rebranding of the company and starting of new "".
Construction of CNF18C railway-car-passengers ferryboat for Caspian Sea lines was begun on 16.03.2017; construction of RST12C tanker was begun 26.08.2017.
Two CNF18C railway-car-passengers ferryboats and two RST12C tankers for Caspian Sea Lines has been ordered, 4 more orders are considered.
CNF18C and RST12C projects are designed by Marine Engineering Bureau.
New 'open type" CNF18C ferryboat is assigned for transportation of 56 railway wagons with 1520 mm track breadth and motor trucks (50 car trains), including ones with dangerous goods and passengers (estimation of 2 passengers for each car train). Ferryboat's construction foresees aft cargo handling scheme and is equipped with side ramp for loading/unloading vehicles from/to usual berth.
Advantages of the new CNF18C ferryboat comparing with existing ones:
• general capacity for T-1 railway wagons (length between coupling gauges of 12020 mm) is 56 units (not more than 54 at existing vessels);
• rails are placed below deck lever;
• open deck accelerates and facilitates loading/unloading processes and also positively influences onto shipping safety;
• availability of the side ramp for loading/unloading vehicles onto berths provides work not only at usual railway berths but also at ordinary dry cargo berths of sufficient length;
• cargo hold's height (5400 mm) allows to transport high wagons in the holds (existing ferryboats have hold of 5000 mm height);
• cargo elevator's length of 25 m provides two railway tracks loading/unloading of railway wagons and Ro-Ro cargoes of 188 t total weight from upper deck to lower one, including 11-935F platforms of 19620 mm length with 3 TEU (existing ferryboats have cargo elevator of 14540 mm length and 170 t lifting capacity);
• 100 passengers may be placed and transported onboard the vessel. Simultaneously transportation of passengers and dangerous cargoes is foreseen according to dangerous goods transportation regulations.
Vessel's capacity for T-1 railway wagons with length between coupling gauges of 12020 mm (4 axes) is 56 units; for length between coupling gauges of 13920 mm (4 axes) is 46 units; for length between coupling gauges of 14730 mm (4 axes) is 44 units. Total tracking length is 688 m.
Vessel's capacity for trucks with semitrailers (total length 12.0-13.5 m) is 50 car trains. Linear dimension is 900 m.
Cabins are foreseen for passengers' arrangement, as follows: 2 enhanced double cabins with toilet and 24 double cabins (converted into 4-places ones) with toilet.
Set of compartments are foreseen for passengers, as follows: duty-free shop, interne cafe, game-playing machines saloon with bar, 50 places restaurant, smoking-room; medical rooms (medical block) which include physician room / outpatient clinic, single-place hospital and single-place isolation ward.
New RST12C tanker has a boosted "Caspian" function:
• 7914 t deadweight at draught 4.50 m, 8009 t deadweight at maximum draught of 4.54 m (RST27 prj. has 7030 tons), increase is 979 t;
• 5580 t deadweight during transit through the Volga-Don Shipping Canal while draught is 3.60 m 5580 tons (RST27 prj. has 5428 tons), increase is 152 tons;
• 7203 t deadweight at draught of 4.20 m (RST27 prj. has 7030 tons), increase is 173 tons;
• cargo tanks capacity provides transportation of Caspian region oil.
Russian Maritime Register of Shipping class notation is KM Ice1 R2-RSN(4.5) AUT1-ICS VCS ECO-S OMBO Oil tanker/Chemical tanker type 2 (ESP).
RST12C vessel is designed for transportation of crude oil and oil products with density of up to 1.015 t/m³, including gasoline, without restriction on the flash point, ensuring the carriage of goods with a temperature of 50°C, as well as chemical cargoes:
Methyl alcohol;
Ethyl tert-butyl ether;
Ethylene glycol;
Methyl tert-butyl ether;
Ethyl alcohol;
Isopropyl alcohol;
Calcium lignosulphonate solution;
Ethyl acetate;
Hexane (all isomers);
Octanol (all isomers);
Sodium hydroxide solution;
Urea/ammonium nitrate solution;
Diethylene glycol.
Simultaneously transportation of 2 types of cargo is provided.
The capacity of six cargo tanks and two slop tanks is 9190 m³, marine deadweight is 7875 t while draught is 4.54 m, river deadweight is with 5447 t, operational speed is 10.0 kn.
On 18.11.2016 a solemn ceremony with participating of President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev took place for accepting for operation of multipurpose 005RSD03 dry cargo vessel "Gafur Mamedov" of 5490 t deadweight.
Project 005RSD03 was designed by Marine Engineering Bureau.
Vessel of the project are multipurpose dry cargo river-sea going vessels with deadweight in the sea/river of 5490/3330 tons. Vessels are assigned for transportation of general, bulk, timber, grain and large-sized cargoes, 8'.5 and 9' ISO containers, dangerous goods of 1.4S, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 classes and cargoes of category B of BC Code.
005RSD03 series finely proved itself at Caspian Sea works due to cargo capacity 5000 t at Caspian draughts. Vessels have summarized cargo holds capacity 7840 cub.m. while vessel's length is only 102.2 m; such length ensured less building cost, port charges and operational expenses comparing with competitors.
Onega Shipyard is a Builder.
Vessels are able to work on internal waterways of the Russian Federation's European part (river deadweight is 3320 t while draught is 3.6 m), including Volga-Don Canal and Volga-Baltic Way, and also in sea areas according vessel's class, including operation in Baltic, North, Black, Azov, Caspian and Mediterranean Seas.
Vessel's Russian Maritime Register of Shipping class notation is of KM Ice2 R2 AUT3.
Overall length is of 108.3 m, length between perpendiculars is of 102.2 m, breadth is of 16.5 m, depth is of 5.5 m.
All holds are box-shaped, smooth-wall, convenient for carrying out the freight works and placing a cargo without stowing. The cargo holds' sizes are of 21.45x12.7 m (hold No. 1), 27.3x12.7 (hold No. 2) and 26.55x12.7 m (hold No. 3) while the height is of 8.3 m.