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23.10.18 11:20
Marine Engineering Bureau invites to visit its stand at the XII International Exhibition "Transport Week-2018"

We invite you to visit Marine Engineering Bureau stand (No. B1.9) at the XII International Exhibition "Transport Week-2015" (arrangement scheme) in the Moscow at the building "Gostinniy Dvor" during period from 20th till 22nd of November, 2018.
344 sea-going, river-sea going and river vessels were built due to 98 projects designed by Marine Engineering Bureau for the period from 2000 till 10.2018.
List of built vessels includes:
• 123 river, river-sea and restricted marine regions dry-cargo vessels of such types as "Pola Makaria", "Neva-Leader", "Geroi Stalingrada", "Heydar Aliev", "Mirzaga Khalilov", "Caspian Express", "Azov Max", "Karelia", "Chelsea", "Khazar", "Nadezhda", "Tanais", "Sviatoj Georgiy", "Ommax", "Ptich", "Port Olya", "Leda", "Ediniy", etc.;
• 125 oil tankers, chemical/oil tankers and bunkering tankers of such types as "Balt Flot", "VF Tanker", "Alexander Shemagin", "Armada", "New Armada", "Paloil", "Aston", "Roschem", "Kazan", "Ecomariner", "Rassvet", "MH", "Svyatoy Knyaz Vladimir", etc.;
• 21 ocean dry cargo vessels of such types as "Emi Proud", "Amethyst", "Sparta", "Saxona", "Scala", "Eren-C", "Kaya Pioneer";
• 10 multifunctional ocean 7 MW salvage vessels/icebreakers of "Beringov Proiv" type with Icebreaker 6 class; multifunctional ocean 4 MW salvage vessels of "Spasatel Karev" type with Arc5 Arctic ice class; marine diving vessels of "Stolniy Grad Yaroslavl" type;
• 10 tug-boats, including small-draught icebreaking tugs of "Portoviy" type; supply tugs for Caspian Sea of "Phoenix" type; firefighting tug-boat "Penay", ship-handling tugboat "Bulbash", multifunctional Arctic tug-boat "Marshal";
• 8 train ferryboats of such types as "Petrovsk", "Skif", "Avangard", "Baltiysk", "Slavyanin" and "Ulfat";
• 7 combined platform tanker of "Balt Flot" type
• 7 marine bulk carriers of types as "Grumant", "OBAHAN-C", "BEHCET-C";
• 6 ro-ro supply platform vessels for Kamchatka of "Sosnovka" type and marine dry cargo platform vessels of "Andrey Artemenko" type;
• 4 marine livestock carriers;
• 4 multipurpose buoy-laying vessels of "Dmitriy Sirotkin", "Ladozhskiy" and "Victor Kuskov" types;
• 2 river ecologic vessels of "Ecolog-1" type;
• 2 scows with self-opening hull of "KSH-1" type;
• multifunctional 22 MW ice-breaker / supply vessel of "Alexander Sannikov" type;
• multifunctional rescue catamaran of "Igor Il'in" type;
• LPG gas carrier of "Bulmarket" type;
• high-comfortable cruise passenger river-sea vessel "Shtandart";
• river passenger cruise vessel "Alexander Grin";
• automobile-passenger ferryboat of "Nikolay Aksenenko" type;port roads transshipment complex of "Luft" type of 20000 tons per day capacity;
• coastal passenger vessel for Black Sea "Imperia"; pleasure vessel of "Sochi" type; coastal navigation running boats "Neva", "Bars" and "Caucasus" for VIP passengers;
• heliport pontoon / berth "Victoria Regia"; double-section floating berth "PRP-4"; special technology pontoon for IBSV01 ice-breaker.
This moment a lot of vessels are under building:
• unique CNF19M railway ferry-boat for Baltic Sea for Ust-Luga - Baltiysk line;
• CNF18C railway-automobile-passenger ferry-boat for Caspian Sea;
• PV22 cargo-passenger high-ice class vessel for voyages between Kuril Islands and Sakhalin island;
• RST12C oil/chemical tankers designed for conditions of the Caspian Sea;
• river-sea PV300VD cruise passenger vessel with capacity of 310 passengers;
• river PV300 cruise passenger vessel with capacity of 342 passengers;
• multifunctional MPSV12 rescue tugboats with Arc5 Arctic ice class; multifunctional 4 MW Arctic MPSV07 rescue vessel of "Spasatel Karev" type with Arc5 ice class;
• IBSV01 multifunctional 22 MW ice-breaker of Icebreaker 8 class;
• refrigerator trawler for North Atlantic and Barents Sea of KMT01, KMT02 and CT-192 prjs;
• ST184 crab-fishing vessel;
• 2 cargo-passenger car-railway ferryboats of the CNF11CPD prj. of Arc 5 ice category with dangerous goods transportation ability for Vanino-Kholmsk line;
• 2 multipurpose BLV04 buoy-laying vessels of "Victor Kuskov" type for RosMorPort;
• CV03 port roads transshipment terminal of "Luft" type with 4600 m3 cargo hold and 35 t cargo crane;
• RT37 ecological vessel;
• HS01 museum vessel for Baku on the basis of old tanker with middle superstructure;
• WSB01 tug craft for the Caspian Sea;

• also many other vessel, including up-to-date marine and river-sea dry-cargo and tanker vessels of such types as "oa Makap" (RSD59), "Alexander Shemagin" (RST25), "HeBa-ep" (RSD49), Gloster (RST26), "Ediniy"(RSD60), "Azov 5000" (RSD18 and RSD32M), RSD79 prj., "Belmax" (ROB20), etc.
Scientific qualification, extensive experience of the particular developments, modern computer technologies and advanced infrastructure, available for employees of the Marine Engineering Bureau, allow solving the problems arising at operation of ships qualitatively and in the shortest terms.
Our motto remains unchanged: "Reliability, efficiency and the European quality".