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13.10.18 13:01
Bureau Reports at the scientific-technical Conference "Black Sea 2018" in Varna

The 14th International Conference on Marine Sciences and Technologies "Black Sea 2018" was held in Varna (Bulgaria) on 12-14th of October, 2016. The Conference was devoted to 110th anniversary of Science-Technical Community of Varna and 45th anniversary of Oceanology Institute of Varna. This Conference takes place every 2 year; it is organized by Varna Scientific and Technical Unions and Faculty of Shipbuilding of the Technical University of Varna.
More than 70 scientists from different countries (Bulgaria, Portugal, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Croatia, Romania, Italy, Cyprus, France, Great Britain, China). Totally more than 40 reports were represented.
Marine Engineering Bureau introduced 12 reports at the Conference.
1. About design of LNG fuel vessels.
Author is G.V.Egorov.
2. Backgrounds of creation of river passenger vessels for socially important routes.
Authors are G.V.Egorov., A.G.Egorov.
3. Analysis of applicability of river passenger and cargo-passenger concepts for linear services.
Authors are G.V.Egorov., A.G.Egorov.
4. Forecast of river-sea vessels' fleet structure till 2025 with definition of the most demanded types of vessels.
Authors are G.V.Egorov., A.G.Egorov.
5. Design features of diving vessels for Caspian region.
Authors are G.V.Egorov., V.O. Mustafaev, J.V.Abdullaev.
6. Research of influence of restricted area navigation classes on metal consumption of river-sea vessel.
Author is O.G.Egorov.
7. Application of unified dimensionless factors for estimation of residual overall strength of river-sea vessel's hull.
Author is V.A. Nilva.
8. Oil-chemical tankers of "Volga-Don max" class with enhanced sea function.
Authors are G.V.Egorov., V.I.Tonyuk.
9. Realization of requirements of the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships' Ballast Water and Sediments on the design stage.
Authors are G.V.Egorov., A.E.Nilva, D.V.Kolesnik.
10. PV300 concept of river cruise passenger vessel for replacement of main part of existing fleet.
Authors are G.V.Egorov., I.A.Ilnitskiy, Ya.V.Kalugin.
11. About approaches to design of one-day trip vessels for pleasure cruises for the Black and Caspian seas.
Authors are G.V.Egorov., I.A.Ilnitskiy, N.V.Avtutov.
12. On the forebody shape effect on ship resistance in still water and seaway.
Authors are I.Ph.Davydov., A.V.Pechenyuk.