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07.09.07 12:51
Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB) put into operation update version of its website

The following objectives were solved during website designing:
- the website face was changed widely using the photos of vessels built due to MEB projects;- actualization of newest shipbuilding methods and large re-equipment projects, marking out completed projects and vessels put into operation;
- adding works, which were carried by MEB such as: designing (development) projects of increasing tonnage, reclassification, modernization, renovation, operational documents, structural design of existing vessels (there are near 1900 vessels in database);
- increasing staff of MEB chief specialists, their online addresses are given on MEB website for opportunity to contact with them if necessary;
- new phone numbers +380 48 748 0696 and +380 48 7149272 were added in section "Contacts" in addition to existing ones to increase link reliability.
By September, 10, 2007 there were total 65 sea and river-sea going vessels which have been built due to MEB projects. 8 vessels were/(have been) completing after launching. 31 vessels were on the slipways of shipyards.
There are 4 train ferries of "Petrovsk", "Skyph-2" and "Baltiyks" types, 41 multi-purpose vessels of "Gejdar Aliev", "Mirzaga Khalilov", "Kaspian Express", "Azov max", "Kareliya", "Chelsea", "Khazar" types, 2 ice class bulk carriers of "Grumant" type, 17 product tankers, fueler tanker, chemical tankers of "Armada", "Aston", "Roschem", "Kazan" types, 1 LPG type gas carrier of "Bullmarket" type, 9 non-selfpropelled oil barges and more than 20 dry cargo barges of "Europe-2B" type among vessels put into operation.
There are 3 passenger and traveling vessels, a tugboat among vessels that are being built due to MEB projects; there are floater with deadweight of 33 000 tons, river floating crane with tonnage of 16 tons, sea and river barges – tow compositions and other innovation projects.
At present time MEB prj. vessels are being built at Russian shipyards such as "Krasnoe Sormovo" (Nizhniy Novgorod), Volgograd Shipyard, Onezhskiy Shipyard (Petrozavodsk), "Oka" Shipyard (Navashino), Nevskiy Shipyard (Shlisselburg), "Moryak" Shipyard (Rostov-on-Don), Zhatayskiy Shipyard (Zhatay, Yakutiya); at Ukrainian ones: Khersonskiy Shipyard, "Yuzhniy Sevastopol" Shipyard, Kiliyskiy Shipyard; at Turkish ones: Aksoy Shipyard (Gelibolu), Cheksan (Tuzla), Tersan (Tuzla); at Chinese ones: Xingang Shipyard (Tianjin), Cxengxi Shipyard (Jian Yyin) and other shipyards.
MEB fulfils orders for leading shipowners such as "Rosmorport", Palmali Group, Volgo-Balt Companies (North-West Shipping Company, Volgoflot), "Albros" Company, ORIMI Concern (Belomorsko-Onezhkoe Shipping Company), "Transkor" Corporation ("Anship" Company), Azov-Don Shipping Company (Donrechflot, Volgo-Don Shipping Company), Lenskiy United River Shipping Company, North Sea Shipping Company, "Aston" Company, "UPM transportation" Company, "Blue Wave Shipping" Company, "Black Sea Sea-going Management" Company, "Saphinat" Company, "Intresko" Company, Amurskiy Shipping Company, "Kent Shipping" Company, Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company, "Ukrrechflot", "United cargo fleet" Company, etc.
Scientific qualification, great experience of specific designings, modern computer technologies and up-to-date infrastructure, which is widely used by MEB staff, allow to solve with high quality and in the shortest possible time the problems appeared during vessels' operation.
Our changeless motto is "Reliability, efficiency and European quality".
Visit MEB stand R5146 at XIX international shipbuilding, navigation, port activity, ocean and shelf development exhibition "NEVA-2007" in Saint Petersburg (pavilion N5).