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06.08.18 12:51
The Active Group shipping company operates the R-77 "Lenaneft 2039" tanker re-equipped to meet the requirements of MARPOL and Technical Regulations

Re-equipment was carried out by the Kuibyshev Repairing Base of Fleet (Tatarstan).
The project of modernization for "Lenaneft 2039" was developed by the Marine Engineering Bureau and includes double-bottom construction in the cargo area to ensure compliance with the requirements of Regulation 21 of MARPOL 73/78 (the vessel in its original condition did not have a double bottom) and the organization in the middle of two additional cargo tanks, used also as slop, instead of the existing dry compartment. A part from the hull works, modernization of cargo and ballast-drainage systems were subjected.
After the re-equipment, "Lenaneft 2039" has got a double hull (double bottom and double sides) along the entire length of the cargo area. The requirements of the RRR Rules for the stability of a damaged vessel are fulfilled for location of the side and bottom damages in any place along the whole vessel's length between nearby transverse bulkheads.
A lot of equipment is installed at all newly formed cargo (slop) tanks, including venting pipes with valves and flame arresters, pipelines and fittings of the tank cleaning system, pipelines and fittings of cargo and drainage systems. These tanks are equipped with a closed cargo level gauging system, portable HERMetic UTI level measuring gauge is used.
Ballast-bilge system was re-equipped by pipelines and armature in accordance with new ballast tank scheme. Sounding pipes with foot-rules and air pipes with vent heads with floats and screens are mounted at all new ballast tanks. Thickened plates are installed under lower ends of sounding pipes.
All newly formed double bottom spaces, cargo and slop tanks are equipped with openings, ladders and washing necks (cargo tanks).
Overall vessels dimensions are: 108.60 x 14.80 x 4.40 m (length x breadth x depth).
Vessel's deadweight after re-equipment becomes 2127 tons at draught 2.50 m. The capacity of cargo tanks (including settling ones) becomes 2855 m³.
The double bottom spaces are used as ballast tanks. Capacity of ballast tanks is 1453 cubic m. Vessels ballast draught is about 2.07 m.
Main engines are 2 x 515 kW. Vessel's speed is 10.5 kn. Autonomy is 15 days. Crew consists of 9 people, number of places on board is 13.