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25.07.18 13:24
Beginning of metal cutting for the crab vessel-processor of ST184 project at the Tersan Shipyard

On July 24, 2018, the Tersan Shipyard Inc. (Yalova, Turkey) began cutting metal for a crab ship-processor of ST184 prj., building number 1083.
Customer is CJSE "Arcticservice".
The vessel's project was developed by Skipsteknisk and the Marine Engineering Bureau.
Photo source is website of Tersan Shipyard Inc.
The main purpose of the vessel is installation of cage traps for catching crabs of various sizes and production of frozen products while processing the catch directly on board of the vessel. It will be able to perform crab catching at water depth 20 - 400 m.
The main types of gathered crab are kamchatka crab and opilio crab (snow crab), as well as other crab types.
After processing and freezing of catch, storage of catch is provided in a freezing hold of about 1150 cubic m capacity.
The vessel's principal dimensions are as follows:
Length overall is about 61.90 m;
Breadth is 15.00 m;
Depth to upper deck is 9.25 m.
Class notation of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping is KM Ice3 AUT1 (REF) Fishing Vessel.
The planned areas of operation are the North Atlantic, the Barents Sea, the Norwegian Sea and the Greenland Sea.
The design speed of the vessel of 11 kn is provided by single 2555 kW main engine that drives controllable pitch propeller.
Manoeuvrability is provided by a flapped rudder.
To improve manoeuvrability at low speed, 600 kW bow thruster and 465 kW stern one are provided.
The work of the ship electrical plant is provided by two diesel generators of 940 kW and 360 kW capacities, and a shaft generator with of 1700 kW capacity. In addition there is an emergency generator of 122 kW capacity.
essel's hull and superstructure are steel; the wheelhouse is made of aluminum alloy. In order to provide corrosion protection, cathodic protection of the hull's underwater part is foreseen in addition to painting. Also zinc spraying is foreseen for outer surfaces of constructions exposed to aggressive environment.
In order to handle crab traps, a special aft crane is provided of 1.5 t capacity at outreach of 4.7 m from side.
For loading operations, there are two aft cranes with lifting capacity of 3 t at outreach of 10 m, and also fore crane with a lifting capacity of 1 t at outreach of 8 m.
The crab processing complex provides taken of raw products into the working area, hand sorting, preparation, freezing and storage of crab. The processing capacity of raw materials is 30 tons per day for snow crab and 60 tons per day for the kamchatka crab. Productivity for completed frozen products is 20 tons per day for snow crab and 40 tons per day for the kamchatka crab.
Accommodation of 38 crew members is provided at comfortable single and double cabins. There is mess room with a separate self-service area on board the vessel such as all necessary medical, living and sanitary compartments in accordance with the requirements of the Sanitary Rules for fishing vessels. Besides, there are sports complex including gym and sauna.
In order to provide comfortable conditions for the crew at incomplete vessel's loading, passive type stabilizer is provided; diesel fuel oil is used as a working liquid for this system.
The vessel is equipped with radio and navigation equipment in accordance with the vessel's class and the suggested area of navigation.