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01.09.07 16:19
Reequipped dry cargo vessel of "Volga-Don Max" class with deadweight of 5480 tons was named for Akhmat Kadirov

On August, 29, 2007 at "Priboy" shipyard (Rostov-on-Don) reequipped river-sea going dry cargo vessel of "Volga-Don Max" class was named for Akhmat Kadirov during solemn ceremony.
OJV "Donrechphlot" shipping company (Mikhail Shvalev is the chairman of board of directors) is the ship-owner.
Aleksandr Gorbat'ko was a head of the re-equipment of this vessel and of the most part OJV "Donrechphlot" vessels.
Re-equipment and renovation project was designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB).
Total seven vessels of OJV "Donrechphlot" were reequipped according to this project during 2002-2006: Volga-Don 203, 211, 213, 215, 223 "Kapitan Korchin", 227 "Aleksandr Bryukhovetsiy", 235.
Project base is usage of high (3.5 m taking into consideration existing coamings) continuous longitudinal hatch coamings. It allows to increase overall strength standard of vessel's hull, holds' capacity and tonnage according to the Load Line Convention requirements due to essential section's height increasing.
At the same time most loaded elements and elements that produced out their fatigue resource (existing coamings and former upper deck) were kept as vessel's hull components. Because of these elements are in the zone close to the neutral axis of the hull girder they are excluded from hull's longitudinal bending. High transverse section's inertia moment increasing without increasing thicknesses of bottom allows to increase bottom section modulus.
Forecastle height was increased by 1.4 m for improving sea-going ability.
At the shipyard such works were made: mounting new longitudinal hatch coamings (height of existing ones was increased by 2.5 m) with formation of new deck; mounting transverse bulkhead; increasing forecastle height; considerable repair of shell and frames, machines and mechanisms, gearings, electronics.
Total 250 tons of new hull's constructions were mounted and 416 tons of existing constructions (almost a/one third of the hull) were replaced. It allowed to get RS Certificate of Renovation up to 2SS Level (for satisfying of requirements for 10 years old vessel).
The vessel was brought to the full conformity with all requirements of International Conventions, including mounting of emergency fire pump, emergency diesel-generator, fire-fighting system, increasing coaming's height of doors, hatches, ventilators, air pipes, etc.
Technical and economic rates of the reequipped 507в prj. dry cargo vessel (former "Volga-Don 215") essentially exceed vessel's abilities before re-equipment. Cargo and volume capacity were increased in 1.5 times; strength standard was increased in 1.4 times. That's why the vessel can be efficiently operated into conditions of river and sea transportation including in Black, Azov and Mediterranean Seas.
Vessel is single-deck, double screw cargo vessel with 4 cargo holds, with double bottom and double sides, with forecastle, with engine room and deck-house located aft.
Vessel belongs to so-called "Volga-Don Max" type due to MEB internal classification. Principal particulars (overall length is of 138.74 m, breadth is of 16.5 m) are determined by dimensions of Volga-Don canal locks.
Vessel is optimized for work with draughts of 3.20-3.77 m. With draught of 3.77 m maximum deadweight is of 5480 tons, with river draught of 3.60 m deadweight is of 4938 tons.
The vessel is assigned for transportation of general, bulk, timber, grain, large-sized cargoes and dangerous goods.
Vessel has four holds with total capacity of 9360 m³, that allows to transport cargoes with large stowage factor without tonnage loss.
Hatch covers is of piggy back type.
Ballast tank capacity is about 3120 m³.
OJV "Donrechphlot", OJV "Volga-Don shipping company", OJV "Kuban' river shipping company" are included in JSC "Azov-Don shipping company" (Mikhail Shvalev is a general director), which started the fulfillment of its newly shipbuilding program.
Within the bounds of the program JSC "Azov-Don shipping company" buys 066RSD02 prj. dry cargo vessel of "Nadezhda" type, which is going to be completed at "Oka" shipyard (Navashino), and ordered building of four 007RSD07 prj. dry cargo vessels of "Tanais" type at Volgograd shipyard.