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26.09.17 11:19
Official celebration concerning the commence of constructing of RST12C oil tanker due to order of the CJSE "Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company"

On 26.08,2017 an official celebration concerning the commence of constructing of RST12C oil tanker due to order of the CJSE "Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company" took place.
Totally two RST12C tankers are in order, order for two more tankers are probable. Except the tankers, two CNF18C railway-car-passenger ferry-boats for Caspian lines are under construction at Baku Shipyard due to order from the CJSE "Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company".
Source of photo materials is site of Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company.
RST12C prj. was developed by Marine Engineering Bureau.
In comparing with other projects of Marine Engineering Bureau, New RST12C one has a boosted "Caspian" function:
• 7914 t deadweight at draught 4.50 m, 8009 t deadweight at maximum draught of 4.54 m (RST27 prj. has 7030 tons), increase is 979 t;
• 5580 t deadweight during transit through the Volga-Don Shipping Canal while draught is 3.60 m 5580 tons (RST27 prj. has 5428 tons), increase is 152 tons;
• 7203 t deadweight at draught of 4.20 m (RST27 prj. has 7030 tons), increase is 173 tons;
• cargo tanks capacity provides transportation of Caspian region oil.
Russian Maritime Register of Shipping class notation is KM Ice1 R2-RSN(4.5) AUT1-ICS VCS ECO-S OMBO Oil tanker/Chemical tanker type 2 (ESP).
Comparative characteristics of tankers prj. RST27 and RST12C are given in the table below.
Item Project RST27 Project RST12C
Class KM Ice1 R2 AUT1-ICS OMBO VCS ECO-S Oil tanker (ESP) KM Ice1 R2-RSN(4.5) AUT1-ICS VCS ECO-S OMBO Oil tanker/Chemical tanker type 2 (ESP)
Length overall, m 140.85 141.00
Length between PP, m L, m 137.10
Breadth B, m 16.70 16.90
Depth, H, m 6.00
Trunk's height htr, m 1.45 1.75
Cubic number LBH, m³ 14 113 14 365
Maximal height to the upper edge of unmovable part from BL, m 16.8 16.3
Draught (Summer Freeboard) in sea, dM / in river dP, m 4.20 / 3.60 4.54 / 3.60
Deadweight Dwt at
dm / d=4.5 m (in sea) /
d = 3.6 m (in river), t
7030 / - / 5428 8009 / 7914 / 5580
in sea / in river, days
20 / 12
Speed in sea
(100% of ME output), knots
≈10.5 ≈10.0
Range, nautical miles 4000
Cargo tanks' capacity, m³ 8274 9190
Number of holds 6 + 2 slop
Height of 3%-probability permissible wave, m 7.0 4.5
ME power and type 2 x 1200 kW, Wartsila 6L20
Rudder and propellers complex 2 x Rudderpropellers "Schottel" SRP-1012FP
Auxiliary DG / Emergency DG, kW 3 x 292 / 136 3 x 350 / 150
Auxiliary steam-boiler /
exhaust gas steam-boiler, t/h
2 x 2.5 / 2 x 2.0 2 x 0.3 / 2 x 0.37
Main fuel type HFO (IFO380)
Crew / berth, pers. 12 / 14 +pilot 11 / 14 +pilot

Like the other mixed river-sea tankers of the Marine Engineering Bureau, the RST12C vessels use full turned rudder propeller as a single control/movement mean, has a developed trunk, uses submersible pumps; there are no CL longitudinal bulkhead and framing within cargo tanks.
RST12C vessels satisfy to the dimensions of the Volga-Don Shipping Canal and the Volga-Baltic Way. The overall length is 141.00 m, width is 16.9 m, depth is 6.0 m, trunk height is 1.75 m. RST12C vessels are of tankers "Volga-Don Max" class.
While designing it was taken into account the special requirements of Russian and world oil companies, additional environmental restrictions of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping "ECO PROJECT" (ECO-S) class.
RST12C vessel is designed for transportation of crude oil and oil products with density of up to 1.015 t/m³, including gasoline, without restriction on the flash point, ensuring the carriage of goods with a temperature of 50°C, as well as chemical cargoes:
Methyl alcohol;
Ethyl tert-butyl ether;
Ethylene glycol;
Methyl tert-butyl ether;
Ethyl alcohol;
Isopropyl alcohol;
Calcium lignosulphonate solution;
Ethyl acetate;
Hexane (all isomers);
Octanol (all isomers);
Sodium hydroxide solution;
Urea/ammonium nitrate solution;
Diethylene glycol.
The capacity of six cargo tanks and two slop tanks is 9190 m³, marine deadweight is 7875 t while draught is 4.54 m, river deadweight is with 5447 t, operational speed is 10.0 kn.
The cargo system is designed for simultaneous transportation of two types of cargo, cargo pumps are 6 x 200 m³/h. Two auxiliary steam boilers of 2.5 t/h capacity are installed.
Two medium-speed diesels (main engines) of 1200 kW each use heavy fuel oil with viscosity IFO380. There is 230 kW bow thruster.
Electrical plant consists of three 350 kW diesel-generators and emergency-staying 150 kW diesel-generator.
Crew consists of 11 persons (14 places + pilot).
Autonomy (marine/river) is 20/12 days.