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08.05.07 13:45
Palmali group accepted the second and the third dry cargo vessel of RSD17 project into operation

The second and the third marine multi-purpose dry cargo motorships were accepted for operation by Palmali group (Mubariz Mansimov is a president of Palmali group). Their type is "Euro cruiser" prj. RSD17 with deadweight is about 6350 tons.
The vessels were built at "Krasnoe Sormovo" shipyard included in group of the companies "Marine and oil-and-gas projects" (MOP). Nikolay Zharkov is a general director of "Krasnoe Sormovo".
There are five vessels in a series.
Name of the second vessel is "Ismail Shikhly". Her building number is of 03002.
Name of the third vessel is "Shirvan". Her building number is of 03003.
Project RSD17 is designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB).
Russian Maritime Register of Shipping class is of KM LU2 I A1 ECO.
RSD17 prj. vessels are the first in the Russian shipbuilding which were built according to the newest accepted "ECO" requirements of high-class ecological RS standards.
Hull's theoretical forms were defined using CFD simulation methods.
RSD17 prj. vessels belong to so-called "Azov 5000" type due to MEB internal classification. These vessels are of increased cargo capacity. For characterized draught of 4.5 m for river-mouth Russian Azov ports vessels' deadweight is about 5350 tons.
These vessels are assigned for transportation of general, bulk, timber, grain and large-sized cargoes, 8'.5 and 9' ISO containers, dangerous goods of 1.4S, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 classes and cargoes of category B of BC Code. Sailing regions are Mediterranean, Caspian, Black, Baltic, White, North Seas, including voyages around Europe and to Irish Sea in winter.
Vessels' overall dimensions allow to carry out voyages through Volga-Don canal and Volga-Baltic way from sea areas to Caspian sea.
The first vessel of a series "MIRZAGA KHALILOV" is successfully maintained since last year November on transportations of various cargoes, including dangerous ones, from the Russian and Ukrainian ports of the Black and the Azov Seas to ports of the Mediterranean.
Vessels' overall length is of 121.7 m, length between perpendiculars is of 116.94 m, breadth is of 16.50 m, depth is of 6.20 m.
All holds are box-shaped, smooth-wall, convenient for carrying out the freight works and placing a cargo without shifting. The cargo holds' sizes are of 27.9 x 12.7 m (hold No. 1), 28.6 x 12.7 (hold Nos. 2, 3) with the height of 8.87 m.
Capacity of three cargo holds is of 9370 m³ total, a container capacity is of 234 TEU.
Designed vessel hull' life term is of 20 years. The ship steel of categories RSA and RSD with a yield limit of 235 MPa was accepted for basic constructions.
The double bottom is designed for distributed load intensity of 10.0 t/m² that allows to transport heavy metal products, and also allow to use a bucket grab with cargo-lifting capacity 16 tons.
Height of a double bottom is of 1.0 m, breadth of double sides is of 1.9 m. Total capacity of ballast tanks is of 3120 m³.
Vessel's gantry crane moves the hatch covers of removable type.
Vessels are of single-screw type, cruising speed is of 11.5 knots (12.5 kn during engine full load). Vessel's main engine (medium-speed diesel) capacity is of 2450 kW with 750 rpm. Variable-pitch propeller diameter is of 3400 mm.
Shaft generator capacity is of 500 kW (the shaft generator can work as a reserve engine, providing speed of 7-8 kN).
Heavy fuel oil (masout with viscosity till 380 сSt) is the basic fuel.
Bow thruster capacity is of 300 kW.
Fuel autonomy is of 20 day. Crew consists of 12 persons (14 places).
Vessel's "Ismayil Shikhly" keel was laid down on 26.12.05. She was launched on 29.12.06 and was put into operation on 26.04.07.
Vessel's "Shirvan" keel was laid down on 26.12.05. She was launched on 10.02.07.
Documents of the RS were issued on 08.05.07. Palmali group signed the vessel accepting document on 09.05.07.