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07.12.16 15:44
Oka Shipyard has laid down the keel of a lead multipurpose SDS18 marine diving catamaran

On 1st of December 2016 Oka Shipyard (is included in UCL Holding, Vladimir Kulikov is a director) laid down the keel of a lead multipurpose SDS18 marine diving catamaran.
Catamaran is being built for FBE "Marine Salvage Service of RosMorRechFlot" (Andrey Khaustov is a head).
SDS18 prj. was designed by Marine Engineering Bureau.
SDS18 vessel is intended for:
• providing of diving and underwater works on depth till 100 m and at sea state up to force 3;
• participation in rescue and ship-raising operations;
• placing and providing work of the research parties in accordance with installed technical means;
• inspection of a sea-bottom, sink objects, underwater part of ship's hull and waterside structure's;
• providing of remote operated deep-water vehicle using at sea state up to force 3.
SDS18 vessel is a single-deck steel double-hull catamaran with cross-structure, with deck-house and wheelhouse made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, with an elongated forecastle, with deck-house and wheelhouse located fore, with aft open cargo deck, with two full-turn rudder propellers and two bow thrusters, with engine rooms located in the side hulls of the catamaran. Navigation zone includes marine regions matching to R1 area. Radio equipment provides operation in areas A1, A2, A3.
Vessel's principal dimensions are:
Length overall about 46.20 m;
Hull's maximal length 45.00 m;
Length between perpendiculars 43.20 m;
Breadth overall about 13.72 m;
Breadth 13.50 m;
Breadth of single hull 4.40 m;
Depth 4.20 m;
Design draught 2.0 m;
Summer freeboard draught 2.5 m;
Speed 11.5 kn;
Autonomy 25 days.
Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping class notation is of KM Ice1 R1 AUT3-ICS OMBO DYNPOS-1 Catamaran Special purpose ship.
Two full-turn rudder propellers with fixed-pitch propellers in nozzles are installed aft in order to provide the required vessel's speed and steerability. Power transmission from main engines to rudder propellers is realized through cardan gear and elastic clutch.
Two bow thrusters of the "screw in a tube" type with a fixed-pitch propeller are foreseen for ensuring requirements of dynamical positioning DYNPOS -1, and also for improvement of steerability, during passing narrow waters and during mooring. Thruster capacity of is of 250 kW each.
The vessel's hull is strengthened by ice reinforcements for Ice 1 class.
Cargo hydraulic crane-manipulator is foreseen; its capacity is pf 1 t at boom outreach 25 m.
Container sockets and eyebolts are installed on the main deck for TEU securing; a set of twist-locks is foreseen in the vessel's supply.
A 6-men rescue boat is located on the bridge deck, lifting and lowering of the boat is done by the davit. There also working boat for auxiliary operations.
The vessel is equipped with two high-holding power anchors located fore.
Crew consists of 7 people, total places onboard are 12.
Arrangement of special staff (18 people) is provided.
Each crew member is placed in a single cabin with lavatory and shower; five cabins are equipped with additional folding beds. Nine double cabins with lavatory and shower are intended for special staff arrangement.
Living and office compartments are arranged in the fore deckhouse and forecastle.
Two laboratories are foreseen for providing work of the research party.
The wheel house has all-round looking and provides single-man vessel's control.
A diving complex is provided to perform diving operations using compressed air for depths up to 60 m; a mobile version (2 TEU) is foreseen. There are diving ladder for divers coming under water.
2.5 x 2.5 m trunk is placed on the main deck in the middle; the trunk has hydraulic closing.