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24.11.16 13:23
Vyborg Shipyard launched the head 22 MW icebreaking support IBSV01 vessel "Alexander Sannikov"

On 24.11.2016 The Vyborg Shipyard (general director Alexander Solovyev) launched the head 22 MW IBSV01 ice-breaker support vessel "Alexander Sannikov" (building No. 223) of Icebreaker 8 class.
Vessels purposes are: ice tankers' conveyance, assistance at mooring and loading operations of other vessels, rescue operations, towage operations, firefighting, oil spill operations.
Vessel's concept project is made by Aker Arctic Technology, technical project is made by Marine Engineering Bureau. Working-design documentation is performed by Petrobalt Design Bureau.
Vessel can be operated in continuous plane ice with thickness of about 2.0 m with 30 cm snow cover at speed of 2 kn moving ahead by the bow or by the stern.
Vessel is designed for operation according to zero-discharging and oil zero-leakage principles.
Vessel's principal dimensions are as follows:
Length overall is about 121.7 m;
Breadth overall is about 26.0 m;
Breadth (due waterline) is 25.0 m;
Depth is 11.5 m;
Draught is 8 m;
Deadweight is 3000 t;
Vessel's speed is 16 kn;
Crew consists of 20 people (35 places).
Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping class is KM Icebreaker8 AUT1-ICS FF1WS DYNPOS-2 EPP ANTI-ICE ECO SDS<12 Winterization(-50) Tug.
Main vessel's purposes are as follows:
• tankers' conveyance to cargo region of oil export terminal (sea mooring system) at ice conditions;
• security support during mooring and tankers' loading.
Moreover, vessel is able to carry out auxiliary operations, as follows:
• protection of arctic oil export terminal (sea mooring system) from impacts from ice formation and ice floes movement;
• rescue operations in the region of Artic oil export terminal (sea mooring system) and assistance to vessels at ice conditions and on open water at seas of Beaufort force 7;
• search and rescue of people on the open water at seas of Beaufort force 5, and also at ice conditions;
• towing of vessels and marine floating structures at ice conditions and on open water;
• delivering and transportation of small parties of deck cargo or operational staff to arctic oil export terminal (sea mooring system);
• firefighting of floating and coastal objects accessible for approaching from the sea side;
• support of underwater engineering diving operations at depths of up to 12 meters;
• remote automated management of arctic oil export terminal (sea mooring system);
• participation in oil spill response operations, both on open water and at ice conditions as the equipment's carrier and collector of water and oil products, obtained as a result of spill combating;
• temporal arrangement of rescued crews of tankers and other vessels.
The vessel has a diesel-electric power plant with propulsion power of 21.5 MW for independent icebreaking capability at ice conditions prevailing in the operational area.
Propulsion (azipods) has capacity of 2 x 7500 KW (aft) and 1 x 6500 KW (fore).
Keel of IBSV01 head vessel "Alexander Sannikov" (building No. 233) was laid down on 03.11.2015. She was launched on 24.11.2016.
Keel of IBSV01 second vessel (building No. 234) was laid down on 14.12.2015.