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07.04.07 19:42
The reequipped dry cargo vessel of "Omskiy" type with increased deadweight was put into operation

On April, 7, 2007 dry cargo vessel "Kaloyan" of "Omskiy" type with increased deadweight of 3840 tons was put into operation after reequipment. "Shtil" is the managing company (Eduard Tchernyshev is a general director).
The project's reequipment was designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau. The following works were carried out during reequipment:
- coamings' height was increased by 2.5 m with transferring of hatch covers and gearings onto a new level;
- the forecastle deck with corresponding equipment was lifted up;
- additional side shells were mounted up to boat deck along aft superstructure;
- the double bottom's framing is strengthened.
Total 175 tons of new hull's constructions were mounted (+ 15 % to original light vessel's weight), 27 tons of existing constructions and 109 tons of equipment were lifted onto the level of newly created deck.
Reequipment allowed to increase deadweight by 700 tons (+ 22 % to original), total cargo holds' capacity by 1730 m3 (+ 40 % to original), permissible load on the tank top by on 22 %, the standard of general strength by 43 %.
Class of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping is of KM L4 IISP.
Vessel is optimized for work with draughts of 3.4-3.8 m. With draught of 3.81 m maximum deadweight is of 3843 tons, with river draught of 3.60 m deadweight is of 3423 tons.
The vessel is assigned for transportation of general, bulk, timber and grain cargoes. After reequipment vessel has four holds with total capacity of 6115 m³, that allows to transport cargoes with large stowage factor without tonnage loss.
First modified project 1743.1 vessel "Aquamarine" successfully is operated by "Golubaya Vonla" shipping company since February, 2005.