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30.03.07 18:34
Putting into operation of train ferry for the line the port of Caucasus - the port of Poty

On March, 30, 2007 the train ferry was put into operation at Kherson shipyard (Vasiliy Fedin is a general director) to the "UPM Transportation" company. SMAT is a motor vessel of project CNF03.01 for Black sea with capacity of 50 wagons.
Vessel's name is "SMAT" (building number is of 18007).
"UPM Transportation" company supposes to organize the train ferry lines the port of Caucasus (Russian Federation) - the port of Poty (Georgia), the port of Caucasus - the port of Samsoon (Turkey).
Project CNF03.01 is designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB), Odessa.
Vessel is designed and built for Russian River Register (RRR) class of M-SP 3.5 (Nikolay Efremov is a general director of Russian River Register). Ferry building and putting into operation was supervised by Verkhne-Volzhskiy branch of RRR (Valeriy Lobastov is the head of the branch, Eugene Smirnov is the deputy of Valeriy Lobastov).
Vessel is assigned for transportation of railway wagons and vehicles, and also ISO containers, dangerous goods of 1.4S, 2, 3, 4.1, 4.2, 5, 6.1, 8, 9 classes and large-sized cargoes.
Vessel's overall length is of 150.32 m, length between perpendiculars is of 140.31 m, overall breadth is of 22.0 m, moulded breadth is of 21.0 m, depth is of 7.15 m. The vessel's sizes are the hugest for the vessels built for the Russian River Register class.
Deadweight is about 6500 tons with cargo waterline draught of 3.80 m that allows to make transportation from shallow water of Caucasus port (Russian Federation) to the port of Samsoon (Turkey) and to the port of Poty (Georgia) to provide cargo transportation on line Russia - Turkey, Russia - Armenia.
The deckhouse and engine-room are located fore, propulsion motors are stern located.
Railway wagons are placed on five railway lines of upper deck.
Tank capacity is of 50 units cars (length between coupling gauges is of 12020 mm).
Freight capacity is of 38 units car (length between coupling gauges is of 14730 mm).
Passenger capacity is of 22 units car (length between coupling gauges is of 24540 mm).
Supersize automobiles capacity is of 64 units.
TEU capacity is 106 units in one level (depending on containers weight total TEU amount can reach 318 units).
In combination with small draft CNF03.01 prj. ferry has no analogues in the world by quantity of wagons taken aboard.
There are Russian and European standard railway lines on the ferry. This is feature of the ferry SMAT.
Loading-unloading is of one-level type that essentially reduces the price of coast terminals and provides loading-unloading of train with 50 wagons during 1.0 - 1.5 hours.
Designed vessel hull' life term is of 15 years. The ship steel of categories A and D with a yield limit of 235 MPa was accepted for basic hull constructions. The frame-spacing in middle body is of 700 mm.
The cargo deck is designed for transportation of 50 wagons with weight up to 97 tons each, permissible load per vehicles' axle is of 12 tons.
Cargo deck sizes (length is of 122.7 m, breadth is of 21.0 m) allow to transport so-called "project" cargoes which are impossible to place on usual vessels. Presence of fore located deckhouse practically does not restrict height of large-sized cargoes.
The height of double bottom is of 1.40 m, double sides' breadth is of 1.71 m. Total ballast tanks' capacity is of 3440 m³.
The vessel is of double-screw type. Cruising speed is of 10.0 kn.
There are main motors with capacity of 2 x 1325 kW with 880 rpm.
Variable-pitch propeller is in Kort nozzles with diameter of 2743 mm, rotational speed is of 191 rpm. Capacity of main diesel - generators is of 3 x 900 kW with 1800 rpm.
Bow thruster's capacity is of 478 kW, stern thruster's capacity is of 442 kW. Thrusters are of "propeller in the pipe" type.
Autonomy is of 15 day. Crew consists of 16 persons (23 places).
Vessel's keel was laid down on 01.10.05. She was launched on 27.09.06 and was put into operation on 30.03.07.
Second vessel of a series is "FERUZ". It is supposed that she'll be launched in July of this year.
The vessel's running test was held on March, 26-27, 2007. Ferry "SMAT" speed was 10 kN with 75% usage of two diesel-generators capacity during test. Good manoeuvrability in the constrained conditions is ensured by two thrusters. Vessel could make full turn without side shifting.
On April, 6-7 test loading in the port of Poty is going to be carried out. Then "SMAT" will perform two voyages a week on the line the port of Caucasus - the port of Poty in accordance with the protocol which was signed in February, 2007 in Yerevan.
It supposed that ferries of Khokim Matchanov's company will transport 120 thousand tons of the cargoes imported by Armenia, and 12 thousand tons from the Armenian export flow. In 2008 these activities will be increased up to 200 and 30 thousand tons accordingly.