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09.09.16 19:14
Oka Shipyard launched head TG17 tugboat with firefighting functions "Penay"

On 09.09.2016 Oka Shipyard in Navashino (director Vladimir Kulikov) launched head TG17 tugboat with firefighting functions "Penay" (building No. 2100).
Customer is FBE "Marine Salvage Service of RosMorRechFlot" (head Andrey Khaustov).
Project was designed by Marine Engineering Bureau.
TG17 vessel is attended for:
• marine towage of vessels and floating objects;
• effecting auxiliary operations at the port's water area;
• participation in the oil spill operations as a auxiliary craft for spill equipment transportation and also as booms handling craft for booms' arranging around spill;
• give assistance in fire combating on floating objects and coastal ones accessible from seaside;
• general cargo transportation on deck with loading/unloading by port means or by onboard crane.
Vessel is a steel craft with two full-turn rudder propellers equipped by fixed pith propellers in nozzles, with lengthened forecastle and double-tier deck-house, with aft working deck, with engine room located in the middle, with cargo crane.
Vessel's navigation area corresponds to R1 type. In accordance with radio equipment, navigation at A1, A2 and A3 regions is foreseen.
Her principal dimensions are as follows:
Length overall is about 30.73 m;
Length between perpendiculars is 29.24 m;
Breadth overall is about 9.70 m;
Breadth (due waterline) is 9.10 m;
Depth amidship is 4.10 m;
Draught (Summer freeboard) is 3.10 m;
Speed is 10.0 kn.;
Autonomy is 8 days.
RS class notation is KM Arc 4 R1 AUT3-C FF3WS Tug.
Two full-turn rudder propellers with fixed pitch propellers are installed aft; they provide vessel's required speed and manoeuvrability. The drive from main engines to rudder propellers is carried out through cardan gear and elastic clutch.
Hull's construction is reinforced in accordance with Arc 4 ice class.
Vessel's fore end is reinforced for fore strip supports.
Cargo hydraulic 5 t crane-manipulator with 8.0 m boom outreach is foreseen.
Hydraulic 20 t mooring-towing winch is foreseen for towing operations. Aft roll of 900 mm diameter is planned to be installed.
Container sockets and eye rings are installed on the main deck for TEU fastening; set of twistlocks are foreseen in the supply list.
Vessel is equipped with RIB boat of 5 m length for effecting auxiliary operations.
Vessel is equipped with two high holding capacity anchors.
Crew consists of 7 people, total places onboard are 12.
Single cabins with individual water closets are foreseen for crew members. Five cabins are equipped with additional folding bed.
Living and working compartments are arranged in the fore deck-house and forecastle.
Wheel house is made with all-around view possibility and single-man vessel's control ability.
Tugboat is equipped with special fire-fighting system for combating with fire on another vessel in accordance with FF3WS requirements. Water supplying to the system is carried out by the special fire pump driven from ME.
Two water monitors with feeding of 300 cub.m/h and jet length of more than 80 m are placed fore on the forecastle deck. Water monitors are remote controlled from the wheel house.
Keel of the TG17 head vessel "Penay" (building No. 2100) was laid down on 11.09.2015. She was launched on 09.09.16.