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01.08.16 08:36
DCV36 and RSD49 dry-cargo vessels transported more than 30% of all cargo of North-West Shipping Company in the first half of 2016

According to the press-service of OJSC "North-Western Shipping Company" (NWSC, is included in the UCL Holding), in the first half of 2016 vessels of yhe company transported 2.6 million tons of cargo or for 8% more than the last year. More than 30% (0.8 million tons) of whole transportation has been made by new vessels of the company namely by multipurpose dry-cargo 10 DCV36 vessels of "Amethyst" type and 7 RSD49 vessels of "Neva Leader" type.
Transportation's structure of NWSC hasn't changed in the first half of 2016, as a whole. Vessels transported 802 thousand tons of grain (+50%), 387 thousand tons of ferrous metals (-25%), 420 thousand tons of chemical and mineral fertilizers (-8%), 121 thousnd tons of timber (-29%), 336 thousand tons of coal (double increase), 118 thousand tons of non-ferrous metals (+8%), 118 thousnad tons of scrap of ferrous metals (+8%), 85 thousand tons construction cargoes (2.3 times increase), 237 thousand tons of othter cargoes.
The most part of transportation (1.9 million tons or 73%) amounted export cargoes, showing an increase of 26%. The following cargoes amounted the main nomenclature of export: 665 thousand tons of grain (+52%), 350 thousand tons of ferrous metals (+22%), 319 thousand tons of coal (double increase), 283 thousand tons of chemical and mineral fertilizers (+82.6%), 66 thousand tons of non-ferrous metals (+50%).
Transportations between foreign ports amounted 579 thousand tons or 22% of total amount; it decreased by 26% mainly due to decreasing of the main cargoes of segment: timber, ferrous/non-ferrous metals and fertilizers.
Import droped down by 29% to 87 thousand tons due to reduction of ferrous metal, building materials and chemical cargoes flows from Europe to Russia. Import transportation part has amounted 3.3% of the total transportation capacity in the first half of 2016.
Russian inner transportation has amounted 63 thousand tons and grew by 4.5 times; mainly it consisted of construction cargoes.
The lead DCV36 vessel "Ametist" was accepted for operation on 22.04.11. The last series' vessel "Yashma" was accepted for operation on 18.12.12.
Qingdao Hyundai Shipbuilding Co. (Qingdao, China) is a builder.
DCV36 prj. is designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau.
DCV36 project was a seagoing vessel of unrestricted sailing region from the very beginning. This project has corresponding safety factor, thickness of hull elements and main engines capacity.
DCV36 prj. is of striking innovation character type. Deadweight exceeding 5000 t for present-day single hold dry cargo vessel with calculated length less than 85 m was reached for the first time.
DCV36 vessels are assigned for transportation of general, solid bulk, scrap, grain, coal, timber, heavy and large-sized cargoes, ISO 20' and 40' containers with height up to 9.5' (including ref containers), dangerous goods of 1.4S, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.1, 8, 9 classes of IMDG Code and cargoes of category B of IMSBC Code.
Overall length is of 89.96 m, calculated length is of 84.89 m, breadth is of 14.5 m, depth is of 7.5 m, summer freeboard draught is of 6.40, deadweight for this draught is of 5039 t.
Cargo hold is designed of the box-shaped smooth-wall type, convenient for carrying out the freight works and placing a cargo without stowing. The cargo hold sizes are of 60.0x11.50x9.20 m; that ensures placing 3 tiers of 9.5' containers or large-sized cargoes. Cargo holds capacity is 6230 cub.m.
Double bottom is designed for distributed load intensity of 14.0 t per sq.m and for bucket grab usage.
Vessel's hull is design for Ice3 ice category for operation in Baltic and White Seas during whole year. Hull's theoretical forms, ice passability and hull's strength, main engine capacity fully satisfy the new requirements of Finnish-Swedish Ice Regulation.
The lead RSD49 vessel "Neva-Leader 1" was accepted for operation on 26.11.12, the seventh one "Neva-Leader 7" was accepted for operation on 23.12.13. Three other vessels are being built now.
Nevskiy Shipyard is a builder.
RSD49 prj. Was designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau.
RSD49 vessels refer to the "Volga-Don Max" type due to MEB internal classification. They have maximum possible dimensions for Volga-Don canal. Vessels of the series can be operated for transportations of general, bulk, timber, grain and large-sized cargoes, dangerous goods of 1.4S, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.1, 8, 9 classes of IMDG Code and cargoes of category B of BC Code. Sailing regions are Mediterranean, Caspian, Black, Baltic, White, North Seas, including voyages around Europe and to Irish Sea in winter.
RSD49 vessel's feature is a big middle hold of 52 m long as diversity from all other "Volga-Don Max" type projects designed by MEB. This hold allows to transportation of large-sized cargoes in direct voyages from Europe to Caspian Sea; such point should significantly increase economic effect of vessels' operation
Vessel was designed for Russian Maritime Register of Shipping class notation of KM Ice2 R2 AUT1-C.
RSD49 vessels' are the biggest ones among the dry cargo vessels that satisfy Volga-Don canal dimensions for today such as prototype RSD19 vessels.
With characterized draught of 3.6 m in Volga-Don canal deadweight is about 4520 tons, maximal deadweight in the sea with draught of 4.70 m is of 7143 tons. Overall length is of 139.95 m, overall breadth is of 16.70 m, breadth without side fenders is of 16.50 m, depth is of 6.00 m. Summarized capacity of cargo holds is of 10920 cub. m.