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28.07.16 17:37
Samara Shipyard "Nefteflot" launched the head RST11 river-sea tanker "Svyatoy Knaz Vladimir" of 6586 t deadweight

A solemn launch of RST11 vessel took place at Samara Shipyard "Nefteflot" on 28.07.2016 in the day of memory of Saint Apostle-Equial Knyaz Vladimir. Vessel was named as "Svyatoi Knaz Vladimir" in the honor of the Christianiser of Russia, her marine/river deadweight is 6586/4677 t.
It's interesting to admit that "Svaytoy Knaz Vladimir" is the first vessel built in Samara since 1896, so shipbuilding returns to the city in 120 years.
LLE "Volgotrans" (general director Rodion Svetlichov) is a Customer.
Prj. RST11 was designed by Marine Engineering Bureau and belongs to "Volga-Don Max" type of vessels.
The vessel is a single-deck, twin-screw oil tanker with double bottom (height 1100 mm at CL) and double sides, with forecastle and poop, with deckhouse and engine room located aft, with catwalk bridge in CL, with inclined stem and transom stern.
RST11 tanker is being built for Russian River Register class notation M-SP 3.5.
RST11 vessel is intended for mixed (sea-river) and marine transportation of crude oil and petroleum products (including gasoline) without flash point restrictions.
The vessel satisfies to the dimensions of the Volga-Don Shipping Canal and Volga - Baltic Waterway. Overall length of the RST11 vessel is 131.64 m, breadth is 16.5 m, depth is 5.5 m.
Capacity of eight cargo tanks and two slop tanks is 7042 m³. Marine deadweight is about 6586 t while draft is 4.477 m, river deadweight is about 4677 t while river draft is 3.60 m, the capacity of ballast tanks is 3215 m³.
Capacity of two cargo pumps is 450 cubic meters per hour. Auxiliary boilers - two with capacity of 1 ton of steam per hour.
Two medium-speed diesels (main engine) of 600 kW each use MDO with flash point more than 60°, operational speed is 10.0 knots.
Ship power plant consists of three auxiliary diesel generators with capacity of 150 kW each and an emergency diesel generator with capacity of 75 kW.
Crew consists of 15 people (16 places).
Keel of the lead RST11 tanker "Svaytoy Knaz Vladimir" was laid down on 17.01.11. It was launched on 28.07.16.