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05.05.04 15:28
The fourth non-self-propelled tanker "Paloil-4" of 004ROB05 prj. was launched for "Palmali" shipping company

On 5 May, 2004 at Volgograg shipyard, non-self propelled tanker "Paloil-4" (004ROB05 prj.) was launched. Vessel's deadweight is of 4320 tons. (Previous single-type vessel "Paloil-3" was put to shipowner ("Palmali" shipping company) on 14 April, 2004 and is using for masout transportation).
Vessel's project is designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB).
The vessel is assigned for transportation of oil-products, first of all masout. There are no flash point limitations. The vessel is equipped by submersible hydraulic pumps and hydro power station with its own autonomous power-module. The vessel has smooth surface of cargo tanks (outside deck framing).
On 14 May, 2004 the vessel was put to shipowner and has gone for loading.