2000 t cargo capacity non-self-propelled river barge "Europe 2B" type


Purpose - carrying of carrying of the general and bulk cargoes including grain for waterways Danube - Main - Rhine system.


Name Shipyard, building number Keel laying date Launching date Delivery date
DS1863 Kiliya Shipbuilding-Shiprepair Yard, 40D552 30.12.03 24.04.05 29.04.05
DS1864 Kiliya Shipbuilding-Shiprepair Yard, 09752K 09.12.05 07.03.06 20.03.06

# Name Value
1. Main dimension
Length overall, m 76.02
Length, m 76.00
Breadth overall, m 11.44
Breadth, m 11.40
Depth, m 3.20
2. Draught at DWL, m 3.00
3. Light draught, mean, m 0.56
4. Air draft from Basic Line to an upper edge of non-removable parts, not greater than, m 5.30
5. Cargo capacity, (about) t 2000
6. Capacity of cargo hold, m³ 2228
7. Hatch covers Telescopic type with shifted manually covers
8. BV class I3/3E side tank vessel loading and unloading in two runs /NP Nl2 ice