1945 t cargo capacity non-self propelled barge


Purpose - carrying of grain and temporally storage.


Name Shipyard, building number Keel laying date Launching date Delivery date
CHKB-02 Kiliya Shipyard     2003
CHKB-03 Kiliya Shipyard     2003

# Name Value
1. Main dimension
Length, m 73.40
Breadth overall, m 11.02
Breadth, m 11.00
Depth, m 3.90
Air draft from BL to an upper edge of non-removable parts, not greater than, m 5.50
2. Draught at DWL from BL, m 2.97
3. Draught at DWL on draft marks, m 3.13
4. Light draught, mean on draft marks, m 0.74
5. Cargo capacity, (about) t 1945
6. Hold capacity, m³ 2960
7. Number of holds 2
8. Hatch covers pontoon type
9. Russian maritime Register of Shipping class K LU1 IIISP